Thursday, February 18, 2016

Purr Therapy by Kathy McCoy, PhD.

Cats aren't a typical choice for animal-assisted psychotherapy, but Timmy and Marnia are anything but typical. 

Research has found that petting a cat can lower blood pressure and a cat's purr is thought to help heal body tissues and bones. But not just any cat can be a therapy cat, after all, such animals need to be friendly with strangers and willing to be touched, petted and held by unfamiliar people. They have to be tolerant ofloud voices and angry shouting, emotional distress, and sudden movements. It's a tall order for any animal, but a particular challenge for a cat. 

In "Purr Therapy," psychotherapist and cat lover Dr. Kathleen McCoy shows how two very special cats rose to this challenge, how they helped wounded souls to heal and how they taught even her lessons in mindfulness, joyful living, and compassion. She also shows readers how animal-assisted psychotherapy works and gives them an intimate and moving inside look at how Timmy and Marina worked with patients, how their double role as animal companions and cotherapists changed lives, and how, after their untimely deaths, the grief shared by those who knew and loved them led to even more growth and healing. 
It's no surprise that there is a tidal wave of cat fanciers growing: even the internet prefers cats. No dog site has reached the proportions of the most popular cat sites case in point: the mega-star Grumpy Cat who has over 2 1/2 million followers! More than an internet trend, this very active market is exploding through cat video contests and festivals that are claiming the passions of millions who will benefit from and love "Purr Therapy."
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads.)

My Thoughts:
I love cats. I have a cat named Sir Pig, and he is my world. Every time there is a book about cats on NetGalley, I request out for review because I know I am going to love it. I definitely ended up loving Purr Therapy. It's my favorite cat book that I've read so far this year.

From the first time he was mentioned, I had a feeling I was going to fall in love with Timmy, Kathy McCoy's first cat that she used in her psychotherapy program. He was sweet, loving, gentle, and funny. He reminded me a lot of my Sir Pig. I loved all of the cats in this book, but Timmy was my favorite. I learned a lot about cats when I read Purr Therapy. As a cat owner, it was very insightful. I identified a lot with Katy as she went through the multiple stages of owning a cat.

When I read Purr Therapy, I had just finished taking an Intro to Psychology class, and was starting Abnormal Psychology. Therefore, I found the psychotherapy aspect of thus book especially fascinating. It taught me about different situations that I might go through as a psychologist, and how to react in certain situations. I think that after reading this book, I would definitely try animal therapy if I were to become a therapist.

I loved Purr Therapy so much. It made me laugh, and cry at times. It's a very heartwarming book that tugs at the reader's emotions in a way that is completely unexpected. I recommend this book to anyone that loves animals.

I give Purr Therapy: 5/5.

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