Thursday, March 24, 2016

DNF Review: Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo

It was a flu season like no other. With fears of contracting the H1N1 virus running rampant throughout the country, people lined up in droves to try an attain one of the coveted vaccines. What was not known, was the effect this largely untested, rushed to market, inoculation was to have on the unsuspecting throngs. Within days, feverish folk throughout the country, convulsed, collapsed and died, only to be re-born. With a taste for brains, blood and bodies, these modern day zombies scoured the lands for their next meal. Overnight the country became a killing ground for the hordes of zombies that ravaged the land.

This is the story of Michael Talbot, his family and his friends. This is their story a band of ordinary people just trying to get by in these extra-ordinary times. When disaster strikes, Mike a self-proclaimed survivalist, does his best to ensure the safety and security of those he cares for.

Book 1 of the Zombie Fall-Out Trilogy follows our lead character in his self-deprecating, sarcastic best. What he encounters along the way leads him down a long dark road always skirting on the edge of insanity. Can he keep his family safe? Can he discover the secret behind Tommy's powers? Can he save anyone from the zombie Queen - a zombie that seems by all accounts to have some sort of hold over the zombies and Mike himself? Encircled in a seemingly safe haven called Little Turtle, Mike and his family together with the remnants of a tattered community while not fighting each other, fight against a relentless, ruthless, unstoppable force. This last bastion of civilization has made its final stand. God help them all.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads).

My Thoughts:
Ever since I received it in the mail, I had been looking forward to reading Zombie Fallout. My husband and I are both huge zombie buffs. We read zombie books all the time and love watching movies about zombies, especially if it's a b movie. Unfortunately, even though I was really looking forward to it, I just couldn't get into Zombie Fallout. I couldn't even finish it.

My main problem with Zombie Fallout was the main character. I couldn't connect to him at all. He was an arrogant jackass that was full of himself. Even from the first few pages, reading from his perspective drove me up the wall. He was extremely vulgar, which slightly bothered me, but it wasn't a deal breaker because I've read a lot of vulgarity in other zombie novels. It was his personality that made me think enough is enough. After about fifty pages of listening to him drone on and on about himself, and the way he treated those around him, I couldn't take it anymore. I called it quits and ended up DNF'ing the book.

If the book would have had a more relatable main character that didn't make me stabby every time I read from his perspective, I probably would have liked it. As is, I disliked it so much that I couldn't even stomach the thought of finishing it. I might have my husband read it because he has a higher tolerance than I do for unlikable characters. If he does, I will post his review as well.

I give Zombie Fallout: 1/5.

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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review. 

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