Sunday, October 7, 2012

Starting From Here by Lisa Jenn Bigelow

Sixteen-year-old Colby Bingham's heart has been broken too many times. Her mother has been dead for almost two years, her truck driver father is always away, her almost girlfriend just dumped her for a guy, and now she's failing chemistry. When a stray dog lands literally at her feet, bleeding and broken on a busy road, it seems like the Universe has it in for Colby. But the incident also knocks a chink in the walls she's built around her heart. Against her better judgment, she decides to care for the dog. But new connections mean new opportunities for heartbreak. Terrified of another loss, Colby bolts at the first sign of trouble, managing to alienate her best friend, her father, the cute girl pursing her, and even her dog's vet, who's taken Colby under her wing. Colby can't start over, but can she learn how to move on?

My Thoughts:

Starting From Here is a great LGBT novel. The novel accurately portrays what it’s like to be an LGBT high school student. I could definitely relate a lot to Colby. We went through a lot of similar situations in our high school careers. I thought it was cool that her school had an LGBT alliance. I wish that my school would have had one when I was in high school. It would have made things a lot easier. I felt a lot of pity for Colby. The only thing that seemed to be going right for her was her best friend Van. That was until she found Moe. Moe was her turning point. She became a lot happier. Towards the middle/ending of the novel, she became a selfish brat which quickly became annoying. I’m glad her attitude ended fairly quickly. Her attitude improved in the end, and mostly everything worked out for her. My favorite character was Van. He was kind, loving, sweet and funny. Colby was blessed to have a great best friend. I was glad Colby ended up with who she ended up with in the end. She needs someone that will treat her great. I will definitely read more of the author's work in the future. I think everyone should read this book so they can grasp what it's like to be different from everyone else.
I give Starting From Here 4/5.

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I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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  1. sounds great! i have been looking for good LGBT books to recommend.