Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Lee Avenue Haunting by Donna Parish-Bischoff

This book takes you to Yonkers , New York .This is based on a true story of a real life haunting. Donna and her family endured several years of horrifying incidents that scarred them for life. No matter how many years have passed that house still remains as does the haunting . Although Donna and her family have been out of the home over thirty years ... 

This is one story that needed to be told

My Thoughts:
Normally, I'm not a big fan of the horror genre. I'm a big wuss when it comes to scary things. However, when it gets closer to Halloween, I find myself picking out a few horror books and reading them to get in the Halloween mood. One of my picks this year was The Lee Avenue Haunting by Donna Parish-Bischoff. It was the perfect book for Halloween.

The Lee Avenue Haunting is based on a true story. Books or movies based on a true story always creep me out. This one creeped me out more than usual because the author did a fantastic job with all of the scary details. She makes the reader feel like they are there, experiencing all of these crazy things alongside her family. Some of the things that happened to her and her family make me hesitate about things I do in my personal life. In the book, the author states "Taking spiritual matters into your own hands should never be taken lightly. EVER". After reading the book, I agree wholeheartedly with her.

I did have a few problems with The Lee Avenue Haunting though. The biggest problem I had was that the book needs an editor. Badly. There was an excessive use of quotation marks where there didn't need to be any. As the reader gets farther into the book, that tends to lessen. However, in the first few chapters, it was distracting and took away from the story line. Also, there were some terms that weren't explained properly, such as bilocation. I have no idea what it means. The last problem I had with the book is that the dad was a jerk at times. I felt so bad for the mom and the kids that had to deal with his attitude, and his deep denial. I don't understand how you can't admit that something is happening when you have that much proof. 

The Lee Avenue Haunting was a great, spooky read. Do I believe that it actually happened? After reading the book, yes I do. Some of the things that the author talks about are so detailed, I don't think they can be made up. I especially loved the follow up years later towards the end. I hope that in the future, the author follows up again with the next people to live in the house. This would be a great book for anyone looking for a spooky read. It would also be the perfect book for Halloween.

I give The Lee Avenue Haunting: 3.5/5.

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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.


  1. I DID have the book re-edited . I also have new art for the cover - I would of wished you read more about it in my authors central - About the author section- IF you e-mail make certain you receive the correct version of the book -
    Donna Parish-Bischoff - Author of The Lee Avenue Haunting

    1. I have so many problems with your reply. Here's a list:

      - "would have" not "would of"
      - If you had new art, it is YOUR responsibility to get it out to your reviewers
      - It is YOUR responsibility to ensure they receive the correct version

      Once your book is published, you don't get any kind of say in what your readers think of it. EVER. I suggest you rethink answering reviews of your book, especially since she said she liked it and the overall review was positive.

  2. My dad was not a jerk. I am offended that you are calling my deceased father a jerk. He was in denial of the haunting - he was a huge skeptic . I suggest that you rethink your shoot from the hip review writing .