Saturday, May 23, 2015

Big Gay Ice Cream by Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint

Welcome to Big Gay Ice Cream’s debut cookbook, a yearbook of ice cream accomplishments—all the recipes you need to create delicious frozen treats

• New to making ice cream at home? Never fear—freshman year starts off simple with store-bought toppings and shopping lists for the home ice cream parlor.
• Sophomore year kicks it up a notch with tasty sauces and crunchy toppings.
• Junior year puts your new skills to work with shakes, floats, and sundaes inspired by some of Big Gay Ice Cream’s top-selling treats, including, of course, the Salty Pimp.
• In Senior year, get serious with outrageously delicious sorbets and ice cream recipes.

Along the way, you can enjoy Bryan and Doug’s stranger-than-fiction stories, cheeky humor, vibrant photography and illustrations, and plenty of culinary and celebrity cameos (including an introduction by Headmaster Anthony Bourdain)
(Synopsis from Goodreads).

My Thoughts:
I love supporting the LGBT community. Pair that with one of my favorite foods, ice cream, and I am definitely on board. Everything about Big Gay Ice Cream drew me in. I love the cover with the glittery rainbow ice cream on the front. I also am interested in learning how to make my own ice cream. When I was offered this book for review, I jumped at the chance. Not only will it look great on my bookshelf, but it will definitely come in handy.

As I previously stated, I've always wanted to learn how to make homemade ice cream. However, I thought that sounded like an incredibly difficult and intimidating task. However, this book breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand. In the beginning of the book, it lists all the tools you need to have incredible toppings. I never would have thought to put hot sauce, or jalapeños on ice cream.

I really enjoyed how this book was set up like a yearbook. Not only did it have a lot of ice cream recipes, which were awesome, but it also had a lot of snarky commentary, and background info about the Big Gay Ice Cream food truck. It was really interesting to learn about. I hope to visit it one day if I'm ever in the area to try one of their crazy concoctions.

This book had a lot of useful info, and was interesting to read. I think I might try to make a Nuclear Winter Sundae without the coconut. It has chocolate ice cream, pickles, and sriracha, among other things. I know it kind of sounds disgusting, but I like trying new things and it has three of my favorite foods. I'm sure it will turn out delicious. I recommend this book for anyone who is looking to try something a little different and isn't afraid to get creative. I also recommend it to anyone who is interested in the food truck industry.

I give Big Gay Ice Cream: 4/5.

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I received this book via Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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