Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Caldecott Chronicles: Excerpt No. 2 by R.G. Bullet

The Earl of Rothshire has decided to leave Caldecott manor and find his son, Albert. His plans to ride his surviving horse, Willow, to London have derailed and the only other way to get there is to venture forth in a newfangled horseless carriage. Saffy insists on accompanying him, and together they make their way through the local villages encountering fights with undead and...the living.

My Thoughts:
The Caldecott Chronicles: Excerpt No. 2 was an enjoyable sequel to Excerpt No. 1. The cover is awesome, and tells quite a bit about the story line. The plot picks up with the Earl and Saffy getting ready to make the journey to the Earl's son, Albert. I was sad that they didn't take the cat, Vitrus, with them. I like Vitrus, and I hope it becomes a main character sometime in the future. The sequel is filled with even more zombies. I think Mr. and Mrs. Beastly was my favorite zombie situation the Earl and Saffy got into. Even though they didn't kill Mr. and Mrs. Beastly, the whole situation was very funny. The group that Saffy and the Earl ran into were interesting villains. They seemed unintelligent and should be easy to outwit. They were also very hard to comprehend. The ending of Excerpt No. 2 left off quite abruptly. I'm curious if they'll have any more run-ins with the group in the third excerpt. I can't wait to read the next book and find out what other exciting things are in store on the way to find Albert. I recommend this book for zombies fans that have read the first book in the series.

I give The Caldecott Chronicles: Excerpt No. 2: 4/5.

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