Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Whole Lot of Lucky by Danette Haworth

Hailee Richardson never realized how much she hated her Salvation Army life and Goodwill accessories until the night her family wins the lottery. All of a sudden she's no longer the only girl at school without a cell phone or a brand-new bike! And the newfound popularity that comes with being a lottery winner is just what she's always dreamed of. But the glow of her smartphone and fancy new clothes wears off when Hailee is transferred to Magnolia Academy, a private school. All of a sudden, her best friend and parents seem shabby compared to the beautiful Magnolia moms and the popular bad-girl Nikki, who seems to want to be her friend. Now, Hailee wants nothing more than to grow up-and away-from her old life. It'll take one very busy social networking page, a stolen first kiss, and a whole carton of eggs for Hailee to realize that not all luck is good, not all change is bad, and a best friend who's just a call away will always be more valuable than a phone.

My Thoughts:

A Whole Lot of Lucky was a good middle grade novel. The story focuses on a girl named Hailee. She becomes sick of always having second hand things. Especially when it comes to her three dollar bike. Needless to say when her parents win the lottery, she is ecstatic. However, when she tries to become as popular as the rich kids, she starts to lose who she really is. This book teaches an important lesson to it’s readers. No matter how great things get, don’t forget where you came from. The book also teaches to not forget those who were there for you when you had nothing. The plot flowed smoothly. I completed this book in about 2 hours. There are very few plot holes. I liked most of the characters. I didn’t really care for Alexis. The main character had a fun personality. Toward the middle of the book though, I thought she was a rude, snotty brat. However she made up for her actions at the end of the book. Also, this book has made me look at how much I text around my friends. I never realized it may have been considered rude. I’m hoping the author writes a sequel about Hailee’s second year at academy and how the lottery winnings continue to affect her and her family. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends who have kids in middle school. I recommend this book to girls in grades 5-8. 

I give A Whole Lot of Lucky 5/5.

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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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