Friday, January 24, 2014

The Year of the Great Seventh by Teresa Orts

Sophie has always felt out of step—an outsider, even amongst friends in her high school with all the hype about celebrity culture. Her life in L.A. seems to have been already written for her, but when her junior year starts, it all takes a drastic turn. When she crosses paths with the school's heartthrob, Nate Werner, they fall for each other in a way neither can understand. What they don’t know is that by giving in to their desires, they are unlocking an ancient Egyptian prophecy that threatens to return Earth to the dark ages.

To undo the curse, Nate and Sophie embark on an adventure that takes them across the country. But their quest is not only to save the world as they know it. It is also a fight for their very survival. Behind the scenes, there are those that are counting on them to fail.

My Thoughts:
The Year of the Great Seventh ended up almost being a DNF (Did Not Finish) for me. I was bored the entire time I was reading it. The only thing that had me continuing on was the hope that it would get better, which it did not.

When I first saw The Year of the Great Seventh on Goodreads, I thought the synopsis sounded intriguing. I love stories about any type of mythology. Sadly, the plot of the book did not deliver. 

I thought Sophie was very whiny and insecure. Nate was just a jerk. He was emotionally abusive to Sophie. If I was Sophie, I would have dropped him like a bad habit

In the end, the plot did pick up and get a little more interesting. However, I could have cared less whether the characters lived or died at that point. Due to my lack of interest in this book, it took me about a month to read. I don't think I will be reading any more books in this series.

I give The Year of the Great Seventh: 1/5.

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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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