Friday, October 11, 2013

Blood Bound by Keshia Swaim blog tour

Starting college a year early is hard. Starting fae college and learning to protect the world from the Unseelie is harder.

Brielle Reed has always been an over-achiever, but this time she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Between her crash course in fae politics, struggles to control her new mind-reading ability, training sessions with the demanding Dr. Schwartz, and discoveries about the father who is still a mystery to her, Brielle finds herself longing for a chance at a normal life.

But she may not get that chance. Or chance at a life at all, for that matter.

My Thoughts:
At first, I absolutely hated Blood Bound. Even though it was the first book written by the author, the beginning of the book felt like a sequel. Later on, I found out that is because the book is based off of a short story that the author had previously written. I received an ARC for review. In the ARC, the short story was placed in the back of the book. I hope that they will put it in the front of the book for the finished copy. In my opinion, if I would have read the short story first, I think that the story would have made more sense. Also, I might have enjoyed the story more. 

Other than that, I enjoyed the plot. It was creative, and definitely original. I haven't read man fae stories, but this is unlike the ones that I have read. I thought that the idea of a fae college was intriguing. I really liked that the book focused on half-fae. It gave the usual fae story line a twist. It was fun to read about.

As for the characters, they were okay. I liked Brielle well enough. I wasn't emotionally involved with her though. The biggest thing that bothered me about Brielle was her love for Alex. He was a manipulative jerk. She saw that. When he gave her some lame, half-assed excuse about why he did what he did, she took him back automatically. I think she needs to drop him like a bad habit. Pamie was my favorite character. I loved her personality. I also loved her amazing sense of style.

As far as I know, this book is a standalone (except for the short story, of course). If the author does make a sequel, I think I would like to continue with the story.

I give Blood Bound: 3/5.

Keshia Swaim grew up in a tiny Oklahoma town and, perhaps out of boredom, became an obsessive reader at an early age. After reading all the books the library had to offer, she began making up her own stories.

Like all good Oklahomans, Keshia attended the University of Oklahoma. She studied History, with a minor in Modern Literature, but her real goal was finding a husband. Two weeks after graduation she received her Mrs. degree as well.

She and Prince Charming still live in Oklahoma, where they've started a family. Between dirty diapers, Keshia tries to avoid reality as much as possible, stating that her own little world is a much more interesting place to be.

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I received this ARC from the publisher, Spencer Hill Press, in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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