Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday

Shelf Candy Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by Five Alarm Book Reviews where we discuss beautiful book covers.

My Shelf Candy for this Saturday is Veiled Rose by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.
Rose Red trusts no one with her secret. She hides in the forest, her face veiled in rags, shunning the company of all save her old father and her nanny goat. Her life is bleak and lonely. 
Until she meets a privileged young man sent to spend his summer in the mountains. Leo, a lonely lad, befriends Rose Red, and together they begin hunting for the Mountain Monster which, rumor says, stalks these lands. 
But the hunt which began as a game holds greater risk than Leo supposes. Rose Red can scarcely guess at the consequences should he insist on continuing his search. Dare she trust him with her secret? Or tell him what dwells at the top of the mountain in the cave only she can find? 
Above all, when Leo asks Rose Red to leave the mountain and follow him to the low country, dare she agree and risk the wrath of a Monster that is all too real?

I just love this book cover. The gold and the blue compliment each other perfectly. There is a lot of great artwork and detail in the talon. 

What book covers are you currently drooling over?


  1. This is a beautiful cover and the story sounds promising(: Currently I am drooling over the cover of Tiger's Destiny by Colleen Houck so cool!

  2. Hi, Kayla! Oh, my gosh, what an INCREDIBLE cover!! The concept is truly original, and the execution is brilliant!! It's so very realistic. The detail is meticulous, and the colors work so well together! This artist is just AMAZING. I also love the plot, which means this book is going straight into my TBR pile!! Thank you so much for featuring this BEAUTIFUL cover!! : )

  3. Wow! Gorgeous pick! I love the gold hand with the talons, and I love the eyes in the background. It's very cool but with a slightly creepy vibe.

    My shelf candy is here if you'd like a look :)

  4. The detail is incredible. It is so realistic that it looks like a photo and actually gives me the creeps. Thank you for sharing it.