Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guest post with Shay Fabbro, author of Dangerous Reflections and Twisted Reflections

Ahhh, it's spring and love is in the air!

And with all of nature in full bloom, it got me thinking about that first blossom of love that we felt when we were younger. You know the feeling:  your heart goes pitter-pat, your palms get all sweaty, all of a sudden you're tongue-tied, you grow two left feet in the span of 0.5 seconds, and if this special someone actually spoke to you, you'd either faint, run, or throw up.

Usually this first love (aka crush) happens during middle or high school, although there can be a much less intense version that occurs during elementary school. However, this usually ends up with the little boy pushing the little girl down and she quickly changes her mind. It takes a certain maturity level (and yes, I say this with all sarcasm) to be able to really understand your feelings enough to get a serious crush on.
I explore this idea in my YA series, Adventures of Alexis Davenport. Alex meets the boy of her dreams on her first day at her new school. Not too shabby, eh? He's blonde, tall, and just the most gorgeous thing she's ever seen! Best of all? He likes her favorite band!
*Cue angels singing*
She is convinced that they are meant to be together.
Thing is, he really doesn't even know she exists, except when he needs help with homework. *rolls eyes* Isn't that how it always goes? And to make matters worse, he's dating the head cheerleader, who torments Alex every chance she gets.
So what's a poor girl to do? Pine away in silence? Bide her time, hoping he will figure out how perfect they are for each other? Forget him and move on?
Who was your first crush? How old were you when you first spotted he/she from across the room? Did anything ever come of it? I'd LOVE to hear from you!
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Of course, Alex has much more on her plate than just boys ;)
She's dealing with an absentee father, living in her aunt's guesthouse, and traveling through time.

Check out Dangerous Reflections, and Twisted Reflections, books one and two of the Adventures of Alexis Davenport series to see how Alex handles all of the craziness in her life!
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  1. I've read both the books! and I love them both!!!!
    Can't wait for part three!

    1. You are seriously my number 1 fan! Love you Michelle! <3

  2. Really want to read these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. These books look great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. My first crush.. Well.. I was 11 years old. And yes, it was not too intense like the one I had a few years ago at the age of 18 with my last boyfriend.. With my first crush, we were friends, but one day, when we look at each other. I don't know my stomach started to spinning around. We hang out for 3 years. But that was a child play for me, everytime I look back I said myself, that was nothing, compared to the one I had with my last boyfriend.. He was my first love. =) Thanks for the giveaway, your books sounds fantastic. I want to know how Alex handles everything!
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  5. Never read these!!
    Great Giveaway!!

  6. These look awesome! I would love to read them! Thanks for the post.

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  7. I love the sound of these. Thanks for spotlighting them :) My first crush was when I was 9, he was a friend of my older brother and 17. He didnt even know I existed :)

  8. I totally want to read these books.

  9. Thanks for all the GREAT comments!!! I have used a random numbers generator to choose the winner and the winner is...


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    Many thanks to miss Kayla for allowing me to guest post on her blog!!

  10. Would love to read these.