Friday, July 13, 2012

The Unwords by unauthor

I have asked my friend, Stephany Blackston, to stop by the blog today and review The Unwords. I received the book, but I couldn't get into it so she agreed to review it for me.

With the use of an unusual, modern poetic verse and enhanced with provocative, artistic imagery, The Unwords take full advantage of their author's lack of identity and almost inhuman levels of introspection, as they set out to inform, to educate, to criticise and hopefully inspire, by pushing the reader out of his comfort zone and into a world in which so many things have already been left undone...but nothing will be left unsaid.

Psychology, poetry, philosophy, linguistics and social sciences blend together with the arts, as the author partners the reader through a disturbing, thought-provoking journey in which education, relationships, religion, politics and social behavior are stripped down to their bare foundations and deconstructed through the eyes of a man who has no name, no face, nothing to gain...and absolutely no reason to lie.

Stephany's Thoughts:
The Unwords brings a philosophically provocative point of view. The definition of the title seems to be the unspoken. Thoughts that have become taboo only through the social assimilation that every person wishes not to recognize in themselves. From the trauma of psychological isolation to the social acceptance of blame, every word echoes the nearly six years the author has taken to compile this book. Contemplating themself, and everyone else coexisting (or lack thereof) on this planet we call earth, and this reality we call home.

Stephany gives The Unwords: 5/5.

The Unwords are available for purchase only through their official website.
Check out the official blog for The Unwords:

There is not much known about the author, who wishes to keep his anonymity.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Neither Stephany or I were compensated for this review.

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