Monday, April 27, 2015

DNF Review: The Zarder by Sara Jo Easton

For ten years, the dragon-like Onizards who dwelled in the Day Kingdom had been ruled by a tyrant who called herself the Fire Queen. Not even the Queen's son, Delbralfi, was completely safe from her scorn and wrath. For a powerless non-nature like Teltrena or a human slave like Jena, life was spent hoping for a better future while fearing for one's life. Then, through a series of most unlikely circumstances, Jena found her mind telepathically Bonded to an Onizard hatchling named Senraeno. The only way to survive the Fire Queen's wrath was to fake their deaths and hide in the forgotten Night Kingdom. With the unexpected help of a few new friends, the Bonds are safe for a while, but their real deaths await them if the Fire Queen discovers that Jena and Senraeno are both alive and Bonded. Now, Jena must learn to fight for herself, and she must help the Onizards see that the love and courage in their hearts is more powerful than the Fire Queen's hatred.
(Synopsis from Goodreads.)

My Thoughts:
When I first heard about The Zarder, I had such high hopes for the book. It sounded like a cute, interesting, fun middle grade novel. The premise of Onizards sounded a little bit like a cooler version of dragons, which are one of my favorite creatures. Unfortunately, the book let me down. I got about ninety pages into it, and wasn't able to finish the book. I tried reading it for almost three weeks, and had to eventually give up.

The Zarder was incredibly confusing. All of the names of the characters were so similar. There were a few characters that only had a couple letter defriation in their names. It made it hard to keep track of who was who. The whole concept of Onizards and bonding sounded interesting, in theory. However, the way in which it was delivered through the author's writing, made it really confusing. It was never fully explained a clear, concise way. It made the book a struggle to get through, and was one of the major reasons why I could not finish the book.

I really wanted to like The Zarder. I tried and tried to push myself to finish the book in hopes it would get better. Unfortunately, I never was able to finish the book, and had to give up. It was just putting me in the beginning of a reading slump. The concept of the plot was really interesting, but the way it was delivered left something to be desired.

I give The Zarder: 1/5.

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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

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