Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stacking the Shelves #2

Stacking the Shelves is a feature hosted by Tynga's Reviews. In Stacking the Shelves, you post pictures of all of the books that you have acquired this week, and talk about them.

For Review:
I also received the following ebooks for review:
Once again, thank you so much to all of these authors and publishers for sending me review copies. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I will read the books and get reviews posted ASAP.

  • The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen (Bought at Goodwill. I was good and only bought one book this week. When I saw this at Goodwill, I couldn't resist picking it up.)
  • Grief Girl by Erin Vincent (This was on the YA Recommendations self, so I decided to try it.)
  • After by Anna Todd (Aprilius Maximus on booktube rants and raves about how much she loves this series, so I decided to give it a go.)
  • Soulstice by Simon Holt (I read the first book last year, and thought it was okay. I decided to pick up the second from the library because I usually try to finish series/trilogies.)
Whew, that is it for my book haul this week. I intended to get less books this week, but you see how well that worked out. Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think? Are you looking forward to reading any of these? If so, please let me know which ones. Also, if you would like me to review any of the non-review books, please let me know. I would also love to see what books you received this week. I hope everyone had a good week, and has a great week to come.


  1. nice haul, so many books XD happy reading.

    Maura @

  2. Great haul this week! What You Left Behind sounds very good. I may have to request a copy. I hope you enjoy everything and have a great week! :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Thank you. Right now, I'm resisting urge to read it until closer to the release date. It's difficult though because it sounds amazing.

  3. Ah, this is a lot of books! :) I got What You Left Behind this week as well, and I'm so excited to read it. :D I've been curious about After as well, since I've been seeing it as a bestseller in our local bookstores. Happy reading!<3

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

    1. I might do a review of After when I'm finished, just to let everyone know what I think of it.

  4. A lot of lovely books this week. I see so many great books that I want to pick up. i hope you love all of them.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  5. Fantastic haul! I hope you'll enjoy these.

    Happy reading!